Popular Questions

Prior to ordering WBC products, you must be approved for account status.  Go to our Contact Us page to create a wholesale account.  We require proof of practitioner’s license to confirm the account.  Please understand that we do not accept diplomas or certificates.For insurance purposes, our accounts are exclusive to licensed health care practitioners with a few exceptions.

We are a wholesale company and only permit licensed practitioners to order direct.  We are happy to help you find a distributor in your area to purchase our products from.  Go to our Contact Us page to submit your request.

We are open M-F 9:30-4:30 central time.

We have a two-bottle minimum; this can be purchased as two 2 fl.oz bottles or one 4 fl.oz. bottle.

We do not offer free shipping.  We will however find the least expensive shipping courier.  We use UPS ( UPS ground, 3rd Day Select, 2nd Day air and Next Day air) and US Postal Priority Mail.

We do not ship to international addresses. 

Master Herbalist, Dr. Nicholas Weed, attended and graduated from The California School of Herbal Studies in 1996.  After several years of continued education and clinical practice, he began to create the formulas that we still use today.  Over 25 years in production, our formulas have proven to be successful for the common ailments of modern times.

We accept returns within 90 days of the invoice date.  Please contact us immediately if your order was damaged in transit or if you received the wrong product.  Returns will only be accepted if the bottles are unopened and sealed.  The shipping costs will not be reimbursed unless we are replacing a damaged bottle or it was our mistake by sending the wrong product. 

Our 2 fl.oz. and 4 fl.oz. bottles come with a glass dropper and plastic cap with a rubber top.  Over time, the liquid extract will evaporate very slowly (apx. 1 ml. per year) through the dropper assembly. This number can vary depending on where the product is stored. 

Our products usually take 2 weeks to come back in stock unless we are having a supply issue

As a wholesale manufacturer, we do not charge sales tax.

We use biodegradable packing peanuts and bubble wrap each bottle to ensure secure shipping.

There are very strict federal regulations prohibiting any supplier of herbs from making any type of health claims for their products.

We purchase quality wildcrafted and organic whole herbs, roots, seeds, leaves, flowers and berries from reputable suppliers throughout the United States.  The herbs we purchase are tested for toxic chemical residue, heavy metals, and fecal contamination.  We grind our herbs to a powder on the day they are to be processed.  To extract the medicinal components of the powder, we use a mixture of organic cane alcohol and distilled water as our primary solvent at a 1:3 to 1:5 ratio depending on the herb.  Our medicines are hand shaken twice daily for 2-3 weeks to ensure the solvent is saturated. Then, we use a cold herb press that delivers 12 tons of pressure to the soaked powder and the extract is complete.

Our alcohol is an organic cane sourced alcohol made in an FDA approved facility here in the US.

All of our products are sold with a clear perforated safety seal.   When they are full and sealed, they have a shelf life for 5 years.  Be sure to shake the extract before using if it’s been sitting. After opening, the products are good for 2 years.

Most of our products are safe for children, but there are some formulas we blend that are not appropriate for young children such as Fem Balance 1 and 2, Male Virility, Menopause Formula, Pituitary Factors, and Prostate Health. 

This is a difficult question that depends upon which herbs are being referred to and which trimester the pregnancy is in.  We recommend that you ask your health-care provider if you are pregnant or nursing an infant.    A good reference for safety data is The American Herbal Products Association Herbal Safety Handbook.

We purchase our herbs from reputable organic and/or wildcrafted suppliers.