About Us

Thank you for your interest in Weed Botanical Co. We are a family owned and operated wholesale company in the Texas Hill Country. We manufacture and sell medicinal herb tinctures to health-care professionals. At Weed Botanical Co., our herbs are harvested from ethical wildcrafters and organic farmers. Obtaining American grown and native indigenous herbs is important to us. All of our medicines are free of any pesticides, irradiation, or synthetic chemicals. The standards we use to ensure the potency and quality of our herbal extracts is based on our intent to retain the complete wholeness of plant components as supplied by nature, in their naturally organized proportions. Therefore, we do not isolate or concentrate single herb constituents. Our herbal preparations are fully handcrafted and extraction techniques are based upon the unique properties of each plant.

Weed Botanical Co. was originally developed as a comprehensive herbal pharmacy for the patients of Dr. Nicholas Weed. The preparation of premium quality herbal extracts soon sparked an interest with other colleagues. His technique of medicine-making known as the Galenical Extraction Method provides the foundation for the repertory of over 100 single extracts. Since 1997, Dr. Weed has developed forty-four clinically based formulas within the parameters of modern scientific research and traditional European and Western Herbalism.

With limited advertising, Weed Botanical Co. has built a good reputation by providing herbal products of exceptional quality and continues to draw upon repeat customers and on-going referrals.

If you would like to set up an account, click on Contact Us and fill out the form. Please note that Weed Botanical Co. is a wholesale manufacturer and only licensed health-care professionals are permitted to buy direct. If you are a consumer and would like to provide feedback or locate a distributor of our products nearest you, click on Contact Us and fill out the form.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope to have the opportunity to serve you.

Nicholas Weed, D.C., Herbalist, and founder of Weed Botanical Co., Inc.