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Herbal Formulations & Herbs

The following formulas are blended with all natural herbal ingredients.

Adaptogen   supports the adrenals, promotes a stimulating effect
ADR-Nervine   supports the adrenals, promotes a calming effect
ALG / Sinus   tonifies the mucous membranes associated with nasal & sinus congestion
Antioxidant Formula   immunomodulator, supports free radical inhibition and healthy cellular function
Arthritive   facilitates healthy joint function
Bronchial Health   supports the opening of clear bronchial passages
Carminative   anti-spasmodic, promotes a calming effect
Choleplex    gallbladder formula, facilitates bile flow
Circulation Formula   assists the heart and arterial circulation
Coryzaborant   supports viral immunity
C-Pel   supports yeast immunity, affinity towards the GI tract
CV-Tension   cardiovascular formula, promotes a calming effect
Herbal Detox   blood alterative formula, supports detoxification and healthy skin
EZ Laxative   tonifies intestinal rhythmic function
Fem Balance 1 & 2   contains plant sterols supportive to female reproductive function
Fungalytic Compound   supports fungal immunity
Gluco-Factors   assists in glycemic balance
Hepatitive   specific liver formula, supports viral immunity
Hoxsey-Like Formula   blood alterative formula, supports detoxification & healthy cellular function
HyperDigestive   calming and soothing to the GI tract
HypoDigestive   stimulates stomach and digestive function
INF-Fighter   supports bacterial immunity
Injury / Trauma   facilitates healing and repair mechanisms
Kid Cold   supports viral immunity
Kidney Health   general kidney formula, promotes healthy kidney and urinary function
KD-Lithic   specific kidney formula, supports the kidneys lithotriptic function
Liver Health   general liver formula, promotes healthy liver activity
Lung Health   general lung formula, facilitates healthy lung function
Lymphatic Formula   supports the lymphatic system and the drainage of lymph
Male Virility   contains plant sterols supportive to the male climacteric change
Menopause Formula   contains plant sterols supportive to the female climacteric change
Prostate Health   general prostate formula, facilitates healthy prostate function
Sleep Compound   promotes restful sleep
Stop Smoking   supports the adrenals, promotes a calming effect
Thymoleptic   supportive to a healthy mental-emotional state
Thyroid Health   general thyroid formula, promotes healthy thyroid function
Urinary Antiseptic   urinary bladder formula, supports bacterial immunity
Venous Tonic   assists the veins and venous circulation
Vermifuge   supports parasite immunity
VIRA-Pel   supports viral immunity

Disclaimer: The above descriptions are provided for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace qualified medical care. Consult your doctor if you are considering supplementing with our herbal extracts. Please note that the information provided here has not been evaluated by the FDA. Herbs and plant nutrients are classified as dietary supplements and are not approved as medicine. Careful considerations were made here to provide the consumer with pertinent information, as general as it may seem, regarding our herbal formulations.

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